Amazing Incidents Occur At Mean-ingful Times!

God Wants Revival!

Calendar Sharing Miracles Found To Fold In A Miracle Manner!

God Sees Hearts!

Don't Miss The Special Revival POEMS Given Below! 

Neither Miss The Crucial Message For Valentines 2022 Also Given Below!

Yes A Rich Message Confirmed With Many Stunning Signs As Well As Scriptures!


Such Revival, Restores Truths, Brings Wisdom, And A Multitude Of Good Things!

It brings genuine humility, love, and apologies, and reconciles people! 

It certainly rather than seeking revenge, forgives and seeks to restore.

It revives the power of the Gospel and instigates needed and wonderful miracles of all kinds!

It brings tears of awe and repentance, as beautiful and long obscured truths dawn on people!

It sets people free from bitterness and fear, as well as setting people

free from the grievous commandments of men and doctrines of Devils. 

It beyond transforming lukewarm and erring Christians, also brings non Christians

to Christ and Salvation, and yes to walk in the glorious liberty of the children of God!   

It brings greater faith and love, and greater peace and assurance of eternal blessing. 

It makes eternal and heavenly things more important and earthly things far less important. 

It changes people’s priorities, and makes people

wonder how they could have been like they were before. 

It heals and restores hearts, families, churches, and nations! 

But regardless of all these good things, such revival nevertheless too often stirs up 

envy and persecution from those resisting the revival and the power and goodness it brings.  



Wisdom is better than rubies; ... My fruit is better than gold, yea fine gold.

But they that will be rich fall into a snare and foolish lusts ".  (Prov 8:11&19, 1 Tim 6:9).

God Wants Truth On Many Subjects Revived!

"truth has been battered", Yes A SHAKING AND AWAKENING POEM!

A Crucial And Biblical Message For Valentines etc,

Confirmed With Many Amazing Signs And Miracles.

First A Needed Preface

A Message For Valentines And Much More, 

Includes Numerous New Signs First Publicized (February 8, 2022).

Closed Heartedness And Pride Brings A Grievous Stench To God.

Another Amazing Incident God Sent My Way Soon After The Above Incidents.

The Stink Bug And 212 (Boiling Hot).  When Will God's Wrath Boil And Be Poured Out?

The Below Is Copied From  

God Certainly Is Warning And Wants Revival Rather Than Destruction!



Warns America With Shocking Images He Placed In A

Heart  Shaped  Tree That Fell Valentines Eve!  And 

Further With Images On A Stunning Rock Found

On July 4  2021  Sharing Much The  Same.

And Has Warned In Many Other Ways.

It Is Either Repentance Or Ruin.

What Will Americans Do?

And Religions Do?


The Image

 Filled Tree Of



Watch The Two Minute Video Below For Details!

Note The Wolf And Dragon Or Serpent Ready To Devour The Eagle (America).

(Images Are Clarified In The Above Video And The Animation Below)


The Above

Wolf And Eagle

Image Is In This Tree Which Fell Valentines Eve



The  Non Religious And Religious In America.

And Especially With Regards To BOTH

Debauchery And Suppressions About Valentine's Issues.

GOD not only has vividly shown both a WOLF AND DRAGON ready to devour the EAGLE (America).  But with that striking warning, has blended a vivid warning about debauchery and anarchy surrounding Valentines issues.  And yes, God just as well in many miraculous manners has rebuked painful religious suppressions about beauty and romance.  God is tired of stifling religious dogma stemming from the doctrines of devils that forbade marriage, just as well as He is tired of people casting away healthy and needed moral law and debauchery.  God's laws about Valentines issues are intended to further and preserve secure family units with happy and pleased, rather than frustrated partners and children.  While BOTH suppressive errors and lawless errors about the subject, destroy His good plan.  God's commandments are not grievous, nor does He withhold any good thing.  Nevertheless not all is good, and  God in the below images vividly warns America about sexual manners that are not healthy or family friendly, and rather are unclean and abominable. 

God Greatly  Cares About Beauty And Sexuality

For More See


  In the below images God has painted a pig's eye focusing on a woman's rear, likely showing what God thinks of anal sexuality.  And even further God painted a wolf which actually has what could be an anal sex toy for it's very nose.  And while the wolf with such a a nose is biting an Eagle's Beak which points out America under such a foul nose!   What blunt, meaningful, and miraculous images!

  But Do Remember Abominations Are Not Confined To Faulty Sexual Matters!

Jesus actually said that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God. Men

too often proudly look to and trust one another rather than look to God which is an abomination in itself.  

 Not All Sexual Manners Are Good,  And God Is Warning America!

   God not only is tired of all kinds of errors surrounding Valentines issues, but further is tired of people having locked minds and closed eyes, and therewith big defensive mouths, as He has shown in another stunning image He painted in the Valentines Tree.  See the astonishing image above and to the far right, and which shows how closed many people are!  And God certainly is not only warning America about having locked minds and closed eyes and big mouths, but others as well!  The heart tree has up to 50 unique and meaningful images.  See the special video at which points out many of them. considers a controversial subject often avoided by religion but which God has bluntly spoken on with an abundance of miracles.  A beautiful subject, but made bitter by branches stemming from the doctrines of Devils which disallowed marriage and much more!  

God quite clearly showed me their would be no great revival or great uniting of

our world's divided and scattered Christendom until a burning or destruction of some

kind. How drastic a burning will it take?  See for more.  

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